to be in smb's way

to be in smb's way
мешать кому-либо

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  • meet smb half-way — make a compromise with someone He is very stubborn and is never willing to meet his friends half way …   Idioms and examples

  • way — n. path, route 1) to blaze, clear, pave, prepare; smoothe the way for (to pave the way for reform) 2) to take the (easy) way (out of a difficult situation) 3) to lead; point, show the way 4) to edge; elbow; fight; force; hack; jostle; make;… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • Small Minus Big - SMB — One of three factors in the Fama and French stock pricing model. SMB accounts for the spread in returns between small and large sized firms, which is based on the company s market capitalization. This factor is referred to as the small firm… …   Investment dictionary

  • do smb a favour — • do one a good turn • do one a favour • do smb a favour (from Idioms in Speech) to do smb a service. They re always asking you to do them think a big favor. Just because they re crazy about themselves, they think you re crazy about them too and… …   Idioms and examples

  • rub smb the wrong way — irritate others with something one says or does Her lack of politeness always rubs me the wrong way …   Idioms and examples

  • give smb the eye — look or stare at someone (especially in a cold or unfriendly way) The man in the store began to give me the eye so I left …   Idioms and examples

  • wait on smb's hand and foot — serve in every possible way, do everything for someone He always waits on his wife hand and foot …   Idioms and examples

  • So up oneself smb. needs a refidex to find one's way out — someone loves oneself too much …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • so up oneself smb. needs a refidex to find one's way out — Australian Slang someone loves oneself too much …   English dialects glossary

  • temptation — n. 1) to overcome, resist temptation 2) to be exposed to, face temptation 3) to succumb to temptation 4) to place, put temptation in smb. s way 5) irresistible, strong temptation * * * [temp teɪʃ(ə)n] face temptation put temptation in smb. s way… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • Bugger off — smb. is told to go, in a not very nice way; shove off, get lost …   Dictionary of Australian slang

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